ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Buckling at Little Avalon Farm - Goat For Sale

    ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Buckling

Includes ADGA registration, you pick name.

Price $350
DOB   4/ 15/ 2019
Species Goat
Breed  Nigerian
Category  Kid - Buck
Color  White / Brown
Temperament 7     1=Very Calm, 10=Very High-Spirited
Owner  Little Avalon Farm
 Addy, Washington

This guy is out of my 2nd easiest to milk doe. Born a bit later in our season, he didn't make it with our normal sales flow so he's hanging out with the big boys until his home is found. His dam has very large, easy to milk teats and appraised at V+VV86.

S: Pippin Hill CG Sunny Days *B
SS: Castle Rock Cyclogenesis *B VEE89
SD: Trinity Ridge RT Sassafras 1*M VEEE91

D: Little Avalon Lorelai's Wish
DS: Calico Creek Noisome Creature
DD: Prairie Wood Flying Cherub VEEA86

We do have a pet wether available to go with him as a companion.

Last Updated: 7/19/2019

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